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Alongside his concert schedule, Víctor is a pianist with a deep commitment towards musical dissemination and, precisely, many of the reviews he receives highlight his communication skills, as well as the commentaries which he includes in concerts in order to illustrate and make the audience participate in the performance. Likewise, he regularly collaborates in round tables, speeches and lectures focused on a multidisciplinary scope of music, which pretends to raise a new look towards “classical” music and, at the same time, brings the performer role closer to the audience, thinking in broadening the public which attends to concerts and especially in the young generations.


With this introduction, it seems easy to understand the fact that he is also a determined advocate for the whole education of new generations of musicians, directly involved in their learning process since the beginning and until reaching University levels. In this way, from September 2022, he has been appointed Junior Fellow at the prestigious Guildhall School of Music & Drama (London), where he delivers performance lessons both within the frame of the PACC (Piano Accompaniment & Collaborative) Masters and to help to the preparation of the different assessments of the Undergraduate and Postgraduate Piano Performance students, as well as teaching Second Study Piano. Furthermore, he combines this position with the role of Visiting Piano Professor at Newton Prep and the role of Associated Piano Professor at the Royal Arsenal School of Music.


If you are interested in knowing more about his teaching and/or request information about the private lessons policy, you can contact him through the “Contact” section at this website.

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