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We have been speaking with the pianist Víctor Braojos, resident in London, Junior Fellow of the Keyboard Department at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama and Visiting Music Professor at Newton Prep, prior to the concert he will give on the 27th January at “El Jardí dels Tarongers”, where he will perform works by Franz Schubert and Ludwig van Beethoven. We have chatted with him about his next commitments in Catalunya and he has also given us some sneak peeks of his future projects.


Víctor Braojos (Barcelona, 1996) is a Catalan pianist who won the second prize in the “El Primer Palau” music competition the year 2019, thanks to his performance of the Sonata n. 21 in B-flat Major D960 by Schubert. Trained at the ESMUC with Jordi Masó and at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama of London with Martin Roscoe, from the year 2018 he lives in London, where he obtained his Master in Piano Performance and Artist Diploma.


Usually defined by the reviews as a performer of “exquisite sensitivity, intense, vehement and poetic at the same time” he has now released a new CD with repertoire focused on several composers which prove these qualities. We have chatted with him to know how is he developing his career and the touchstones of this CD, with works by Bach, Brahms, Migó and Liszt, which is the second of his career.


With 26 years, the pianist Víctor Braojos, born in the Catalan village of Cardedeu, is part of the generation of Spanish performers such as Eudald Buch (1997), Mar Valor (2000) or Martín García (1996) who are shaping a hopeful future for our pianism.


Speaking particularly about Braojos, who was trained at the ESMUC in Barcelona and the Guildhall School in London –his city of residence– we are in front of a deeply analytic pianist, with a clear predilection for the romantic repertoire, of which he elaborates a ravishingly beatiful account due to the intense emotions he oozes.


Víctor Braojos presents his molt personal project, Shreds of light
El 9 Nou - Vallés Oriental (Teresa Terrades)

The young pianist Víctor Braojos, born in Cardedeu and resident in London since four years ago, has come back with a new project, Shreds of light, which he is presenting this Friday at the Granollers Auditorium within the frame of the Cicle Carles Riera and also on the 25th March at the Cardedeu Auditorium, within the frame of the Festival Ressona. This new project, deeply influenced by the pandemic, has been a way to reflect the artist’s most personal thoughts...


Casual interview with the colleagues at the programme Tots els Matins del món (Catalunya Música) chatting about new projects, concerns, hobbies... and several other topics which will help you to know this young musician from a more personal perspective.


Víctor Braojos is a pianist of an extremely refined sensitivity who, in this occasion, presents us through his latest CD “Shreds of light” an intimate and personal project, conceived over the lockdown months, and aiming to create a chiaroscuro-like musical portrait which brings us comfort and hope.


The Partita nº2 in C minor by Bach and the mighty Liszt’s Sonata in B minor frame the delicate Three Intermezzi Op. 117 by Brahms and the overwhelming Epitafi which the Barcelona-born composer Marc Migó composed, after the terrorist attack in Barcelona back in August 2017, as a commission which Víctor Braojos world-premiered.

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